ATEX Certified Devices

ATEX Certified devices that are ready for use in any hazardous environment. Mobexx works with the best manufacturers of ATEX products in the world to provide our clients with satisfying and reliable mobile computing solutions. Our products are suitable for use in many sectors that have a need for ATEX and IECEx certified products for Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 or Zone 22 and even include underground mining certified standards.

ATEX Certified devices are suitable for operation in sectors such as oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, surface coatings, volatile food ingredients, marine, aviation and others where we help them to improve safety and efficiency by empowering the mobile workforce.

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  • Class 1, Division 2 & ATEX Zone 2 certified for hazardous area applications.

    19″ Aluminium Panel PC

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  • The Aegex ATEX Zone 1 Windows platform offers safe mobility solutions for hazardous environments.


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  • Rugged 10″ Windows Tablet from Xplore, the masters of rugged Tablets.  Fully featured, lightweight and compact.

    rugged tablet bobcat


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  • Design for Industrial Automation, Din Rail application

    DIN rail box PC with ATEX

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  • Aegex IoT Modules include an endpoint, battery, radio, and customized combinations of 46 different sensor nodes, attaching up to 32 nodes on each module. This “plug-and-play” design allows organizations to choose which conditions they want to monitor and easily reconfigure the modules to meet their needs.

    Intrinsically Safe IoT Module

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  • The IS310.2 is a powerful mobile phone for zone 2/22 with Android operating system. The rugged key-operated phone provides many technical advantages: Wi-Fi, Android, NFC, Dual SIM, LED-torch, strong battery, amplified loudspeaker and SOS button.

    iSafe 310.2

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  • The powerful mobile phone for zone 1/21 with Android operating system. The rugged key-operated phone provides many technical advantages: Wi-Fi, Android, NFC, Micro SIM, LEDtorch, strong battery, amplified loudspeaker and SOS button.

    iSafe 320.1

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  • The IS520.1 is an ATEX Zone 1/21 industrial smartphone with current technology. It combines modern design, updated technology and the robustness of an industrial product.

    Available December 2017

    iSafe 520.1

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  • High performance barcode scanning software for Windows 10 using industry leading decoding technology.

    rugged tablet mobXscan


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  • 15-inch Panel PC with ATEX certificate.


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  • ATEX multi purpose RFID and Barcode scanner with Bluetooth


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  • The TN500A1-Ex is an Android LTE enterprise ATEX Zone 2 Certified smartphone designed for today’s demanding business environment. The combination of full functionality and style, it is the ideal device to work efficiently and enhance productivity in any business environment.


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  • Built tougher than any other rugged tablet on the market, the Xplore XC6 series outstrips the competition in performance, features, durability, and resilience.


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  • ATEX Zone 2 certified (pending) Drone to enable remote inspection of hard to reach areas with increased safety and reduced costs. Lightweight, with 25 minutes of flying time and high quality 12MP camera integrated it’s the perfect inspection solution.



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  • The first ATEX Zone 2 Certified 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Glasses.


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  • Install in our Intrinsically Safe certified case and you can use your iPhone in ATEX Zone 2 environment.


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