Now you can use an intrinsically safe iPhone in Zone 2 environment.

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Apple users can now use almost any iPhone in an ATEX Zone 2 and Cat 1 Div 2 hazardous areas as
well as in harsh and wet environments.

Mobexx now has available a family of iPhone cases that includes iPhone 5/5S/5SE, iPhone 6 and 6+,
and most recently iPhone 7 and 7+, this means we now have a comprehensive range of ATEX
certified cases for the Apple mobile product range.

These cases are fully certified for European and US use so that corporate users can standardise their
systems across the enterprise for ease of deployment and support.

These specially designed and patented cases allow all the iPhone functionality whilst adding rugged
features that will be appreciated by many industrial users with IOS based mobile solutions.

Designed to resist drops, vibration and bumps, sealed against dust and water and built to work in
indoor and outdoor environments.