Rugged Fixed In-Vehicle

Powerful and reliable mobile computing solutions for in-vehicle systems. In-vehicle computers are designed to meet the highest user experience standards and suit the most demanding environments. These devices are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of any application.

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  • Compact 8” truck PC complete with full keyboard for those applications needing key input.


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  • Tough, Small and Flexible. Performance 10” ultra rugged

    JLT Verso+ 10

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  • The toughest and most compact 12” in vehicle PC available. Designed for Fork Lift Trucks


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  • Ultra compact, fully featured 7” in-vehicle PC


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  • Highest Performance 12” in vehicle PC, for heavy duty applications

    Verso 12

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  • Most powerful 15” in vehicle PC available to run the toughest applications.

    Verso 15

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