Rugged Tablets

Rugged Tablets offer the most compact and durable mobile PC solution.

The best Rugged Tablets feature reinforced touch-screens and a small enough body to use single handed allowing for great versatility. Rugged Tablets can adapt to almost any environment, whether its being used in an office, on a working site or even the most extreme of environments. Our Rugged Tablets offer a reliable computing and communication solution that provide a seamless experience in any situation.

To ensure we offer the most appropriate and cost effective solution please contact us so we can discuss your requirements in detail and assess what is best for you.

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  • Ultra mobile and rugged 8” tablet to provide perfect solution in the toughest environments

    Algiz 8X

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  • Rugged 10″ Windows Tablet from Xplore, the masters of rugged Tablets.  Fully featured, lightweight and compact.

    rugged tablet bobcat


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  • A range of fully rugged 10” tablets to provide solutions for tough tasks.

    rugged tablet M101


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  • Ultra rugged 13” tablet with powerful processor that can connect to almost anything

    Rugged tablet M133W


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  • Fully rugged 7” tablet built to perform the toughest tasks and demanding environments

    Rugged tablet M700DM8


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  • High performance barcode scanning software for Windows 10 developed by Mobexx using industry leading decoding technology.

    rugged tablet mobXscan


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  • The most rugged commercial tablet PC in the world. The gold standard for rugged.

    Rugged tablet XC6 Series

    XC6 Series

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  • The rugged Windows tablet with superfast processor, full communications suite and built to work in almost any environment.

    rugged tablet XSlate B10

    XSlate B10

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  • The rugged Android tablet that sets new standards in power and communication, anywhere.

    Rugged tablet XSlate D10

    XSlate D10

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  • The most powerful rugged tablet in the world, and remarkable flexible in functionality.

    Rugged tablet XSlate R12

    XSlate R12

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