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ATEX Handheld

The Ultimate in Rugged Mobility

Ultra-rugged ATEX certified smartphones and ATEX handheld computers offer a seamless fusion of contemporary design and industrial-grade durability, catering to the needs of field workers operating in hazardous industrial and aggressive environments within ATEX Zoned areas. These devices represent a pinnacle of reliability, integrating cutting-edge technology with the resilience required for challenging work environments.

Crafted to withstand the rigours of demanding conditions, these devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the stringent ATEX certification standards. From extreme temperatures to exposure to dust, moisture, and potentially explosive atmospheres, these smartphones and handheld computers are engineered to deliver unwavering performance where traditional consumer-grade devices would falter.

With their robust construction and advanced features, they empower field workers across industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely. Whether it’s conducting inspections, accessing critical data in real-time, or communicating seamlessly in remote or hazardous locations, these devices provide the reliability and functionality essential for mission-critical operations.

Equipped with the latest connectivity options, ergonomic designs, and intuitive interfaces, these ultra-rugged devices enhance productivity while ensuring compliance with safety regulations in ATEX Zoned environments. By combining modern design elements with industrial-grade robustness, they represent the pinnacle of innovation in mobile technology tailored for the most challenging work settings.