mobXscan – Barcode Reading without the Scanner

High performance Barcode Reading software for Windows 10 and Android using industry leading decoding technology and device camera.


The easiest way to read Barcodes with a tablet or mobile phone!  mobXscan enables any Windows 10 or Android tablet or phone with a camera to read Barcodes as fast and accurately as a hand held scanner.  Any Barcode, in any orientation.  Even poor quality and damaged codes.

Throw away your separate Bluetooth or USB scanner and scan direct from mobile device.  And if you manufacture tablets or handhelds you don’t need to design in a scan engine, so reduce your costs and time to market.

Add powerful Barcode reading capability to any Windows 10 or Android Tablet, PC or Phone and scan data as though entered by keyboard.  Very easy to install and operate.

mobXscan can be controlled with simple embedded commands or full API to enable easy use from within applications.  For more detail and download visit


Barcode Scanning Software

MobXScan is a leading barcode scanning software, providing businesses with an innovative and efficient way of scanning barcodes quickly and accurately. Here at Mobexx we are incredibly proud to offer these scanning systems to our customers, and are only a phone call away should anyone have any questions or require any additional information.

mobXscan Specification

mobXscan reads all standard linear Barcodes and 2 Dimensional Barcodes as standard

So almost any barcode used in real world applications can be scanned very quickly, even those with damage or printed badly so they are very poor contrast.

If you need to read Postal Symbologies or OCR (A, B or MICR) then we support these as well, but we only enable them on request.

Additional Features

Reads Real-World Bar Codes

Wrinkled, voids, dot matrix, high density, poorly printed, warped, scratched, torn, faded, cluttered, low contrast, smudged, dirty backgrounds, blurred, ink spread, ink shrink, specular reflection

Fully Auto discriminating

Omnidirectional processing of all barcodes

Mirror Image Processing

Greyscale processing

System Requirements

Integrated camera 

Windows 10 version or Android

Writes Barcode data to Keyboard buffer (keyboard wedge).  Selectable postamble characters

Manual (soft) scan button or software control from programmable key or separate application, API for Windows and Android application integration.

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