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ATEX Cases

Mobexx specialises in supplying a diverse range of specialised cases designed to convert standard phones and tablets into ATEX Certified devices, ensuring they are safe for use in hazardous environments. These cases are available for various devices, with options for Zone 2 certification covering popular models like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung tablets, and the Microsoft Surface Go. Additionally, Mobexx offers Zone 1 certified cases for more sensitive environments, specifically for the iPad mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 13.

As a European distributor for Xciel, we hold a unique position in the market, being the only Certified Installer for Zone 1 cases across the EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia) region. This distinction underscores our commitment to safety and quality, ensuring that their installations meet the highest standards required for hazardous area certification.

Mobexx’s services extend globally, providing comprehensive installation support to ensure that all ATEX cases are fitted correctly, following precise protocols to guarantee compliance and safety. In addition to installation, Mobexx offers extensive training programmes. These programs cover Zone 2 installation procedures, the proper care and maintenance of ATEX-certified products, and techniques for identifying and addressing certification failures. This training is crucial for businesses that operate in hazardous environments, ensuring that their equipment remains safe and compliant with industry standards.

By offering these specialised products and services, Mobexx plays a vital role in enhancing workplace safety in hazardous areas, making us a trusted partner for companies requiring ATEX certification for their mobile devices.