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ATEX Case Installations & Integrity Training

Mobexx is a specialist supplier of ATEX phone and tablet cases including ATEX Certified cases for iPhone, iPad, Surface Pro and Samsung phones.

As a value added service Mobexx installs devices into cases on behalf of organisations that require independently certified installers.  With ATEX Zone 1 cases Mobexx is the only Qualified and Certified installation centre in the EMEAA region and we offer both in-house and on-site installation services for all ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 cases on a global basis.

Our installers are also qualified to provide training on the care and integrity inspection of ATEX cases, and supply on-site training to users.

Mobexx provides these services on a Global basis and our installers travel to sites in Europe, Asia and Middle East.  Any destination with Government travel approval can be visited.

Our Global customer base operate in sectors such as oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, surface coatings, volatile food ingredients, marine, aviation and others where we help them to improve safety and efficiency by empowering the mobile workforce.

What is ATEX Certification?

ATEX certification ensures that devices have passed rigorous testing and assessments that evaluate their usability and functionality when operating in explosive atmospheres. ATEX certification is important as it shows that our Rugged Tablets and Rugged Laptops will remain reliable in any situation.

Industrial Automation

Rugged computers are an essential component in all industrial environments and key to optimising efficiency and maximising cost effectiveness.

Marine & Aviation

In the marine industry, fully-rugged computers are protected from salt spray and against corrosion due to salt air and humidity since they are sealed against the elements.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries, as well as companies that deal with hazardous chemicals and gases, have a need for rugged computers that are guaranteed not to emit a spark.

Public Safety

Computers in public safety vehicles are often mounted in the police car or fire trucks. EMS computers often are not mounted as the computer is utilised by the EMT in the back or outside of the vehicle at the site of the incident.

Handheld Devices

Handheld devices combine an ultra rugged design with state of the art mobile technology. Our certified mobile devices are suitable for use by all field workers in hazardous industries and dangerous environments. We offer a range of Android and IOS solutions to suit your needs.

The rugged handheld device category here at Mobexx is not limited to mobile phones either, also including the rugged ATEX iPad, the rugged ATEX tablet and accessories such as the explosion proof tablet case. We really do cater for all rugged handheld device needs and requirements.