Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries, as well as companies that deal with hazardous chemicals and gases, have a need for rugged computers that are guaranteed not to emit a spark. This is called Intrinsically-Safe or HazMat capable computers. There are different levels of certification relating to the degree of protection offered, and Mobexx supplies computers up to the highest level of Zone 0, Class 1, Division 1. In addition, oil and gas companies require sunlight-viewable display screens, full protection against rain, dirt, dust, extreme heat and extreme cold, and drops.

Mobexx has selected the products it feels most suitable for these environments.

Oil &Gas Computers

Oil & Gas exploration, production and distribution creates a highly hazardous and extreme environment for all workers involved.  It is essential to have the most appropriate mobile computers to ensure high reliability, safety compliance  and a level of ruggedness approriate,  Talk to Mobexx – we have the solution!