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MC9400/MC9450 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

The Next Evolution in the Ultra-Rugged MC9000 Series. Now with More Power and Wireless Connectivity
The MC9400/MC9450 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer provides the latest mobile technologies. Faster, ready to power the new generation of industrial applications and with the SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ that delivers an unprecedented extended scanning range. Upgrade to the latest productivity-enhancing mobility features with full backwards compatibility with the MC9300 accessories. Wi-Fi 6E and private and public 5G (data only) to meet your needs and get the fastest wireless connections available today.

New Cost-Effective Wireless Options

Private and public 5G wireless data connectivity, bringing new affordable wireless networking options to expansive outdoor and indoor environments. Nano SIM and eSim options to support private and public 5G connections simultaneously.

Maximum Speed and Performance

The fastest Wi-Fi connections available, Wi-Fi 6E, quadruple the bandwidth and capacity, triple the speed and up to triple the available spectrum to get dependable and instant application response times, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Latest in Advanced Scanning

Unmatched scanning range with the new SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology. Scan barcodes in hand to over 100 ft./30.5 m away. Innovative green laser aimer up to seven times more visible than the typical red aimer dot.

Faster, more rugged and more flexible

Best-in-class data capture solutions

  • Blazing speed with the next generation Qualcomm® 4490 octa-core processor — 2.5x more processing power than QC SD660; enables new workflows with support for augmented reality and artificial intelligence
  • Even more rugged with 12 ft./3.65m drop spec; IP65 and IP68 sealing: most
    rugged drop/tumble specs in its class
  • BLE beacon battery works with Zebra’s Device Tracker to dramatically reduce
    device loss
  • Biometric facial recognition streamlines authentication and enhances security
    — no need for passwords that can be compromised or shared
  • All new SE58 Premium Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology enables workers to capture top shelf barcodes without a ladder and ground level barcodes without bending down; green laser aimer is up to 7x more visible than a red aimer, making it easier for workers to accurately target barcodes in any lighting condition, including outdoors
  • Automate more processes with optional OCR Wedge licenses; capture shipping
    container and tire identification numbers and more with the press of one button
  • Highest resolution front and rear cameras in its class
  • Seven keypad options for optimal data entry