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Mobexx ATEX

Rugged Fixed position and Panel PCs

Difficult working environments require reliable computers and communication solutions that provide a seamless experience in any situation. Mobexx provides its partners around the world with an extensive range of high quality rugged fixed position and panel PCs. These devices are designed to operate in the harshest conditions, and keep on working for many years.

Designed to withstand even the most extreme environments, our range of rugged fixed position and panel PCs help to bring a definitive solution to partners around the world.

Our products offer great versatility, with Windows, Android and Linux operating systems, many different screen sizes and options for integrated functionality, and different levels of ruggedness to match requirements and budgets.

 We have PC, display, HMI and box PCs to suit every application, and certified accordingly.  Industrial, Food, Rail, Marine, Military grade products.  And products can be customised to suit specific needs.

Demanding environments need product designed to meet requirements to survive and comply with industry standards.

Panel and Standalone PC and HMI in many sizes, different levels of sealing, up to IP69K meet every application with a cost effective solution.

 Food, Chemical & Process Computers

Specialist products have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of Integrated Transportation, Marine and Defence systems integrators.  Fully rugged fixed and panel PCs designed for specific tasks with required features and certifications to suit any application.

Rugged fixed and panel PCs for industrial and manufacturing environments need to meet the needs of the integrator.  From compact HMI to large displays, Powerful Panel PCs and IP65 Stainless Steel standalone PC with emergency stop.  We have a vast range to suit every requirement


Mobile computers are utilised in the construction industry for a variety of purposes. Essential features for construction computers are: Sunlight-viewable display, protection against drops, water & dust and against in-vehicle vibrations from rough roads.

Building Inspection

Many home and building inspectors are converting their paper forms to computerised forms.  However, most inspectors still want to be able to handwrite notes on these forms. Rugged Tablet PCs allow them to do both.

Field Service

Rugged computers have sunlight viewable displays so that you can see your screen even when the sun is glaring. Rugged handheld or tabletsenable engineers to manage work, record activity and access documentation.


Digitisation of the healthcare environment is becoming more prevalent with systems to track patients, equipment and drugs.  Operating room displays are essential to undertake complex surgery

Featured Rugged Healthcare Tablet

Rugged tablets have been designed from the ground up for use in harsh environments. Healthcare and Clinical tablets have additional demands to be easily cleaned with disinfectants and have anti-microbial coatings to minimise the possibility of infection transfer

Featured Rugged In-Vehicle PC

Rugged In-Vehicle PCs have to be tough to survive.  Mounted on Fork Lift Trucks or in Heavy Vehicles like Garbage Trucks they are subjected to intense use, shock and vibration.  And have to working at all times for many years

ATEX Certified

What is ATEX Certified?

ATEX certification ensures that devices have passed rigorous testing and assessments that evaluate their usability and functionality when operating in explosive atmospheres. ATEX certification is important as it shows that our rugged tablets and rugged laptops will remain reliable in any situation.