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Rugged Vehicle Mounted Computer Solutions

Powerful and reliable rugged vehicle mounted computer solutions from Mobexx. Rugged In-vehicle computers are designed to meet the highest user experience standards and suit the most demanding environments. These devices are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of any application.  Common installations include Fork Lift Trucks, Cranes, Yard Tractors, Mining machines and fixed in extremely harsh environments.

At Mobexx we pride ourselves on offering a great range of high quality rugged vehicle mounted computer solutions, supplying rugged in-vehicle computers to suit all needs, requirements and demands and suitable for a wide array of applications and environments.

And with our range of JLT ultra rugged PCs we have the unique support of fully comprehensive maintenance agreements for up to seven years that cover any hardware failure, no questions asked.  Giving you a guaranteed TCO for the life of the product.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you.