Light and Powerful for Full Workforce Mobility

7” Rugged Handheld Device

Android Rugged Tablet for

Workers On-The-Move

With unparalleled processing power from Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 CPU and a user-friendly Android 9.0 interface, this device is incredibly easy for first-time users to master in any environment.

Since mobile workers are constantly on the move, having an easy-to-carry, the multi-purpose device makes the job at hand a lot easier. The M700DQ8 is an Android tablet PC designed to help the mobile workforce save time and increase productivity.

Workers in logistics management, transportation, and field services can access the latest BT technology for faster speeds, more range, and greater bandwidth. Plus, the device can also be used as an MDT

Featuring a PCAP touchscreen and ultra-light build (550g), Winmate also manages to implement its renowned ‘rugged’ design with IP65 and MIL-STD-810G standards, allowing workers to use this device wherever the job takes them.

Built for Mobility

Instant data collection is extremely vital for public security personnel and workers on-the-go.

The M700DQ8 comes with advanced data collection features, such as an NFC reader or an optional barcode reader. Plus, the built-in 13MP rear-cam and 8MP front-cam makes recording footage, capturing photos, and video communication a breeze.

Plus, the lightweight, rugged design makes it easy for workers to hand-carry this rugged mobile device across multiple locations for hours-on-end.