Verso 12

Highest Performance 12” in vehicle PC, for heavy duty applications


The VERSO™ 12 computer is the latest generation high-performance computer from JLT, specifically developed for use in the harshest environments and for business-critical functions where performance and reliability are of utmost importance. The VERSO computer is built on the successful JLT computer platform that has been the base for many delivered computers of various configurations.

  • JLT PowerTouch™ display technology with hardened glass for outstanding resistance to wear and tear reduces disruptive computer downtime
  • Rugged design for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Integrated backup battery for uninterrupted operation
  • 12″ sunlight readable display
  • Optional integrated Mobile Broadband

Leading Performance and Ruggedness for Heavy Duty Industry
With an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and a 64-bit operating system, the VERSO 12 computer is ready for the most demanding applications, such as HD video streaming, GEO calculations, and real-time data processing. VERSO is also available with the Intel® E3845 quad-core processor.

Virtually Unbreakable Touch Screen
The VERSO 12 computer is now available with the revolutionary JLT PowerTouch™ display technology. This new technology is providing a familiar, user-friendly experience comparable to modern consumer devices, both with a gloved or ungloved hand while ensuring ruggedness, reliability and longevity in even the most demanding environments.

The VERSO 12 computer is constructed from the bottom up for maximum reliability and long life in extreme environments, from the hottest to the coldest temperatures.

Dimensions 305 mm (w) x 255* mm (h) x 59 mm (d)
12 inch (w) x 10* inch (h) x 2.3 inch (d)
*incl. antenna domes
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-4300U
Intel® E3845
RAM 8GB DDR 3 (Core i5)
4GB DDR 3 (E3845)
Boot Media CFast 16GB – 64GB
Up to 128GB available on request
Display 12.1” XGA LED 500 NIT
12.1” XGA LED 1000 NITCapacitive touch screen with JLT PowerTouch technology, or Resistive 4-wire Touch Screen
OS Windows 10
Windows Embedded Standard 7
Windows 7
Radio Dual-band WLAN 802.11 ac
Bluetooth v4.0
4G (LTE) up to 100 Mbps download speed (optional
GPS Assisted-GPS, GLONASS (optional)
Antennas WLAN dual diversity antennas (PIFA)
External SMA connectors for 4G and GPS
User configurable external or internal WLAN and Bluetooth antennas
Ports 4x USB 2.0
1x Ethernet 10/100/1000
1x RS232 with 12V
Speakers Waterproof stereo speakers
HD Audio
Input 9-36 VDC Unisolated
UPS Internal battery for graceful shut down at unexpected power outages