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  • The FM07 delivers flexibility and mobility in a vehicle mounted computer form factor. FM07 is designed to be mounted on the vehicle and supports 9~36V DC wide power input with ignition. The programmable function keys on the front panel designed for easy access for some of the most important functions or application. For wireless connectivity the tablet comes equipped with SIM card slot, Wi-Fi, WWAN and GPS antennas.

    FM07 Vehicle Mount PC

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  • Compact 8” truck PC complete with full keyboard for those applications needing key input.


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  • Compact 10” truck PC with option for heater for freeze applications


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  • Tough, Small and Flexible. Performance 10” ultra rugged

    JLT Verso+ 10

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  • The toughest and most compact 12” in vehicle PC available. Designed for Fork Lift Trucks


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  • JLT6012™ Rugged Computer Designed to improve productivity and profitability in demanding logistics environments The JLT6012 is the next generation vehicle-mount computer from JLT, designed to improve productivity and profitability in demanding logistics environments. But the JLT6012 is more than that. It is a whole new platform for mobile computing solutions. Its intelligent design enables custom-built […]


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  • M101M8 and M101RK Rugged Android tablets with performance for any task and rugged enough for any environment. Featuring Sunlight viewable screen and with many options.

    M101 Android

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  • A range of fully rugged 10” Windows tablets to provide solutions for tough tasks.

    rugged tablet M101

    M101 Windows

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  • Novel Rugged Tablet design with 8″ screen and incorporating full keyboard and function keys to offer versataile solution.


    M101BK Tablet PC with Keyboard

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  • Fully rugged 7” tablet built to perform the toughest tasks and demanding environments

    Rugged tablet M700DM8


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  • M900P is a fully rugged 8″ Windows tablet with a versatile selection of options and accessories.  Compact, powerful and easy to use.


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  • High performance Barcode Reading software for Windows 10 and Android using industry leading decoding technology and device camera.

    mobXscan – Barcode Reading without the Scanner

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  • Ultra compact, fully featured 7” in-vehicle PC


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  • Highest Performance 12” in vehicle PC, for heavy duty applications

    Verso 12

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  • Enterprise-class PDA with powerful integrated functionality for total solution

    Rugged Hand-held Winmate E500

    Winmate E500

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