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Revolutionise Your Operations With Mobexx & Zebra Technologies

Mobexx is a leading provider of rugged and reliable mobile computing solutions, dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency and productivity across various industries. Partnering with Zebra Technologies, a global leader in innovative enterprise asset intelligence solutions, Mobexx offers advanced technologies such as barcode scanners, RFID systems, and mobile computing devices. Together, we empower businesses with the tools you need to optimise workflows, improve safety, and achieve superior performance in field service, manufacturing, and warehousing operations.

Zebra Technologies

Modernise Your Warehouse

With Mobexx and Zebra Technologies, you can modernise your warehouse to meet the rising demands of e-commerce and customer satisfaction. Connect your workers using wearable technology and mobile devices to facilitate real-time communication and task execution, ensuring seamless coordination and minimising downtime. Integrate automated data capture technologies like RFID and IoT sensors for real-time inventory tracking, enhancing supply chain visibility and order accuracy.

Expand sensor-based data capture and employ AI-driven analytics to proactively identify and address operational challenges, optimising workflows and resource allocation. Harness the power of prescriptive analytics for continuous improvement, using data-driven insights to resolve issues, optimise processes, and enhance profitability.

Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies

Address the Challenges of Field Service

Field service workers face unique challenges that impact their safety and productivity, relying on technology to streamline workflows, mitigate risks, and stay connected. Safety is a primary concern, with mobile applications from Zebra Technologies offering GPS tracking, emergency alerts, and wearable devices like panic buttons that detect falls or distress signals.

Productivity is enhanced through mobile devices with specialised applications, automated workflows, and digital checklists, eliminating manual tasks. Effective communication is facilitated by enterprise platforms that enable instant collaboration, allowing field service workers to seek guidance and share updates seamlessly.

Real-world applications include field service technicians using augmented reality for repairs, healthcare professionals accessing patient records via mobile apps, and delivery drivers optimising routes with GPS tracking. Enterprise technology is essential for enhancing safety and efficiency, empowering field service workers, and achieving operational excellence. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can drive your organisation’s success.

Transform Your Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing environments face numerous challenges at every stage of production. Achieving Work In Progress (WIP) visibility, accurate material and resource consumption, and effective tracking of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are critical but often difficult tasks. Identifying newly manufactured parts for audit trails, facilitating machine-to-operator logins, right-skilling teams, and ensuring efficient workflow processes are additional hurdles that can impede operational excellence.

Enhance Visibility and Efficiency

Mobexx, in partnership with Zebra Technologies, offers comprehensive solutions to streamline manufacturing operations and enhance visibility and efficiency.

Zebra Technologies
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Samsara & Zebra Technologies: Revolutionising Operations with Connected Solutions

Samsara isn’t just another software provider; it’s ‘the connected operations cloud company’. With a comprehensive platform offering end-to-end visibility and management of operations, Samsara enhances safety, efficiency, and sustainability across industries.

Samsara’s platform provides comprehensive visibility and insights to improve efficiency, safety, and compliance. The software integrates a variety of tools, including real-time GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, driver performance monitoring, and AI-powered dash cams for ultimate peace of mind.

Samsara and Zebra Technologies collaborate to enhance operational efficiency through integrated solutions. Samsara provides a Connected Operations Cloud that unifies data from various physical operations, offering real-time visibility and insights to improve productivity and safety. By integrating with Zebra Technologies, which offers rugged and advanced mobile computing devices, Samsara can extend its platform’s capabilities to Zebra’s hardware for an unparalleled end-to-end solution.

Zebra Technologies & AltLogic

AltLogic is a software company specialising in workforce management solutions. Their platform aims to automate and simplify various business processes, including staff deployment, workflow automation, route planning, and asset tracking. AltLogic’s software helps organisations enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve overall operational productivity. It offers features like cloud-based access, integration with third-party services, and real-time analytics to support businesses in managing their workforce and logistics effectively.

AltLogic integrates with Zebra Technologies to enhance workforce management and operational efficiency by leveraging Zebra’s advanced hardware. Zebra Technologies offers an extensive range of devices and solutions that are validated to work with AltLogic’s software, providing businesses with powerful tools to optimise their workforce management, streamline operations, and maintain high levels of productivity and accuracy.

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Ready to Revolutionise Your Operations?

With the right enterprise technology, Warehousing, Field service and Manufacturing Operations can overcome their unique challenges, enhancing safety, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Contact us today to learn how Mobexx and Zebra Technologies can empower your field service workers, transform your manufacturing processes, and modernise your warehouse operations for superior performance and success.