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The JLT6012 is an Ultra rugged 12″ vehicle mount PC designed to improve productivity in demanding logistics operations with a future-proof and user-friendly system.

Productivity has been the number-one priority in the development of the JLT6012 computer. This computer runs both Windows™ and Android™ operating systems and can be installed in virtually any vehicle, electrical or combustion powered, without the need for external adapters. State-of-the-art wireless technology ensures reliable connectivity in less than optimal conditions. The intuitive touchscreen is simple to use, even when wearing gloves. The screen is virtually unbreakable, overcoming the most common failure point for rugged computers.

 Key Features

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 12” capacitive touch with JLT PowerTouch™
  • Intel® Intel® x6413E quad-core processor
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • Virtually unbreakable JLT PowerTouch™ display
  • Dual-diversity PIFA WLAN antennas
  • Easily accessible programmable function buttons
  • Integrated wide-range 9-60 VDC isolated power supply

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 JLT6012 Android

 This computer runs Android™ with the same functionality as the Windows version but with the Qualcomm® SnapDragon™ 660 processor.

 For further information and specification details please visit: https://www.mobexx.co.uk/product/jlt6012-android/