Mobexx launches Aegex NexVu IoT Sensor System in UK

NexVu is a modular array of intrinsically Safe IoT sensors with wireless connectivity, configurable with 55 different sensor nodes enabling millions of combinations to allow users to monitor conditions of their choice surrounding their operations.

NexVu Sensors include most gas types and environmental condition monitoring.  In addition is a Wild card node with 4-20mA legacy connectivity to additional sensing equipment enabling deep and time-synchronised data collection.

NexVu complete system installation typically under an hour without hot work permits.  Acquisition and installation typically costs less than 20% of competing per sensor installs based on configuration.

The NexVu modular architecture generates high volumes of time-synchronized contextual data in small micro-climate locations or across large arrays of endpoints, enabling better anomaly detection and more accurate predictive analytics. NexVu captures upwards of 30 times the amount of data of a typical IoT device to create powerful analytics around complex operating environments using Aegex’s Edge Synchronized Data Capture architecture, providing real-time monitoring and analytics that help predict major mission-critical problems.

NexVu Cloud enables data processing and connectivity with many major Industry Applications to provide rich data solutions for back office, management and field operatives


NexVu data can be viewed safely in hazardous environments on Aegex tablets and other ATEX hand-held and tablet devices and shared among teams in operations, or can be viewed offsite in data centres, eliminating the need for physical field inspections. Detecting gas leaks along with vibration, temperature or other conditions in context can give detailed insight into operations, helping operators prevent issues before they happen, or mitigate problems before they worsen. Better contextual data and meaningful insights via NexVu can help organizations devise preventative maintenance schedules, alert about anomalies or predict potential emergencies.

Mobexx launched NexVu in UK at Hazardex 2021 and is a Global Distributor of Aegex supporting partners around the world.

Contact Mobexx  +44 8455 441 254 to learn more and visit NexVu