ATEX Zone 2 certified Smartphone with integrated Barcode scanner improves safety and efficiency in any hazardous workplace. This is a rugged and cost effective solution for all Zone 2 hazardous environments that need rugged Smartphone with good size screen and data capture capabilities.

The TN500A1-EX is a 5” ATEX Zone 2 Certified Smartphone with integrated Barcode Scanner and is fully rugged, sealed to IP65, 1.2mt drop tested and has wide temperature range -20 to +60C.  It is user friendly with its 5” screen and light weight.  It features a user replaceable battery and a desk dock with spare battery charger is available.  

The TN500A1-EX from Mobexx offers exceptional value for money even if you don’t need Barcode reading, and is a great tool to enhance productivity and safety in many environments.

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