Designed to improve productivity and profitability in demanding logistics environments

The JLT6012 is the next generation vehicle-mount computer from JLT, designed to improve productivity and profitability in demanding logistics environments. This rugged computer can easily be mounted in any forklift, truck or other vehicle.

Prolonged Product Life

With an innovative architecture, featuring the latest computer technology and new interfaces, the JLT6012 industrial PC enables the integration of future generations of technology, thereby prolonging product life and postponing the need to replace rugged terminals.

It has a familiar user interface similar to consumer devices bringing outstanding user acceptance to the JLT6012, as it can be effortlessly handled by any operator. It comes with an innovative, wide input voltage range, isolated power supply of 9-72 VDC making it highly flexible as it can be used without external adapters in a large range of installations, including electrical and combustion forklifts. This saves money by eliminating the need for costly adapters and facilitates equipment handling by reducing the number of computer configurations needed in operations with multiple applications for the vehicle-mount computers. The 12” display has a virtually unbreakable touchscreen which is user friendly and can be used with gloved or ungloved hands.

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