mobXscan – Barcode Reading without the Scanner – is the high performance Barcode reading software utility that uses the camera on Windows 10 and Android phones and tablets to perform as fast and accurately as a traditional scanner, so saves the cost of buying one.

Very simple to install and control, mobXscan enters Barcode data as though from a keyboard, so making integration very simple.  Commands can be by touch, sent from a separate application or controlled by a function key.

mobXscan uses industry leading decoding algorithms to ensure the fastest and most accurate scanning possible, including damaged, poor quality and low contrast printing. It reads all standard 1D linear and 2D codes, and can be enabled to read postal symbologies and OCR A and B and MICR for machine readable text.

mobXscan was developed to provide an easy to use Barcode reader on any Windows 10 or Android device, without the cost of hardware scanning and provide more versatile solutions for many sectors for a single cost lifetime license.  Try mobXscan and explore new Barcode Reading possibilities.

Details about mobXscan can be seen at where a 30 day trial can be downloaded to test.