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1. Reducing downtime

Moisture, dust, impact and repeated use can take it’s toll on your computers, especially in busy environments. Rugged computers are designed to withstand this type of abuse without packing up

2. Cost

the cost of rugged computers has come down a lot in the past years. Although rugged computers still cost more than regular computers, the whole life cost of a rugged computer is less than that of a normal computer.

3. Environment

not having to upgrade your computer every few months means that you reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

4. Security

When operating in very harsh environments where normal computers can not operate, rugged computers allow you to store your sensitive information in protected files, thereby maintaining security

5. Ease of communication

you can now stay in touch with your whole team even when they are on the road. Rugged in-vehicle computers allow you to have a clear picture of what your mobile team is doing at any given time.

6. Portability

gone are the days when rugged tablets were cumbersome units that were a pain to lump around. Now they are as portable as normal tablets and are easy to carry.

7. Durability

this goes without saying, rugged computers are made to last. It takes a lot to break them

8. Windows based

Most companies’ systems are build around the Windows Operating System, so transitioning to rugged computers is easy as Windows based machines are now available

9. Functionality

from cameras to GPS, to sun-readable screens and lots more, with a rugged computer you get all the functionality of a normal computer plus a lot more.

10. Changing times

with all of the advantages of rugged computers it is clear to see that rugged computers are the future